The Finnish Defence Forces’ Day Parade

At 10 am Leif opened the terrace door to ask if I’m still at the computer. Yes, I’m I said. There’s the parade in Helsinki today. Check what time it is. Okay, I will,  what parade ? The Finnish Defence Forces’ Day Parade he said. He had heard about it on the news last night. I found the site and the program. Oops, if we are going there we must leave immediately. There was an air show at 11 am that you could see at Kaivopuisto.  We wanted to see it. Unfortunately we arrived too late for that.

So we went direct to the Senate square to see the “troops” marching in. At noon our president Sauli Niinistö arrived. I couldn’t get into the front line. Just had all tall people in front of me. It was very hard to shoot pictures. I was lucky to at the right moment get my lens through a gap in the crowd to take a picture of him.

We probably would have stayed for the rest of the program as well but had to leave as I got a terrible cramp in my right leg.

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