Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

добрый день

I recently received an e-mail from our teacher in Russian telling that both the day and the time has been changed from Tuesdays at 12:30 to Wednesdays 16:30.  She told us to practice, practice, practice during the summer in order not to forget what we already learned.

Today is a little bit chilly, windy, rainy. Just a perfect day to take the books from the bag where I left them in the middle of April.  Good of the teacher to tell us to keep going on even during the vacation. I can’t believe how much I, in less than two months, already have forgot.

After a couple of hours I have now finished the first chapter. Yes, it took me a couple of hours because I put the headset on to, at the same time, listen to music on YouTube and to edit some pictures I took in the morning, when walking Canelo, to see what they look like using the ArcSoft PhotoStudio.


The stigma of a tulip.


 I think this is a Geranium sylvaticum.

Next time I better do my Russian practicing away from my computer and from the TV.