Monthly Archives: May 2012

Cataract Surgery

Yesterday I was at the eye clinic in Helsinki. I went through an examination for a cataract surgery. After examining my eyes the eye specialist told me there is cataract in my both eyes. He decided for a surgery but only for the other eye at this stage. The surgery is going to take place in the middle of September. I’m both looking forward to it and at the same time feeling slightly nervous about the surgery.

Malus ‘Purple Prince’ ?




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Is it a Malus ‘Purple Prince’ ? I really don’t know. There are so many species of the the Malus trees.  It’s confusing.  I wish we had one of these in our garden. I think I will buy a plant.  Maybe next spring I/we will be able to enjoy the flowers of our own.

Apple Blossom

I Love Apple Blossom

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This beautiful, gorgeous, big apple tree is just a few hundred meters down the road. Last night when walking Canelo I just couldn’t resist shooting the apple blossom. I was a little bit embarrassed as, the owner, the lady of the garden happened to come by. She said it was okay to take pictures and she too loves apple blossom.

Our Niece Visiting Us

Oh how happy we are having had our niece, from Manila, visiting us for four weeks. We had been longing to meet her already for a very long time. She was here with her family when she was only 2 years. Next time we met her was when we visited them in Manila 14  years ago.  Now she is a wonderful young lady. She will  turn 18 in one month.

 On April 24 at 06.05 am we met her at the airport.    Patti had been hoping for it to still be winter and snow here for her to experience.  Unfortunately there was now snow anymore. Just a little, little bit of old dirty snow left here and there.

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In four weeks we were happy to introduce Patti to many, many of our friends and neighbors.  We made  sightseeing in Helsinki for a couple of times. We went to the market place on April 30 to watch the students wash and put a cap on the statue Manda. We visited the Zoo, we made a trip to Kotka,  where Patti and Leif visited the Maritime Museum.  We visited her cousin both in her city flat and summer place. We celebrated Mother’s day.  Patti talked to her mother on Skype and showed her spring flowers she picked here. We visited our friends in Hämeenlinna where we stayed the night.  We visited our wonderful goddaughter and her family. We were at Linnanmäki, the amusement park.  Yesterday the last day of her visit, she and Leif visited Suomenlinna. During her stay here the nature turned from early spring when it still  was all brown and gray into full spring with all the beautiful spring flowers and for the last two days into full summer.

 I wish Patti could have stayed for much longer. There still would have so much we would have loved to show her and experience together.

“Our Little Girl” at the airport. Going home to her family, friends and school. It was hard to say goodbye. I was able not to cry. But now, writing this, tears are dropping down my cheeks.  Missing you so much dear Patti.  Welcome back at any time.