Steam Cleaning

Some years ago our good friends told us they had bought a steam cleaner. They were very enthusiastic about how easy cleaning is.  I wish I had listened more carefully to what they told me but at that time I unfortunately just let it in one ear and out the other.  Well, you know me. Stubborn and hard head.

Last week I was absolutely fed up with all the scrubbing. Specially scrubbing under the sauna benches where I had to be down on my knees. My knees hurt and I always used to bang my head in the benches.  Then, like a lightning, I remembered our friends talking about the steam cleaner. It did not take me long to convince my husband that we must have a one.

Now, one week later I am so pleased with the cleaner. Well, at first I was a bit skeptical about not  to use any chemicals. Now I am fine with it.

The kitchen cabinet doors always have been hard to clean because the surfaces are not smooth. Such a clean result, effortlessly and practically in no time.

Even my husband is looking forward to use the steam cleaner to clean the seats in his old Volkswagen. I hope they will withstand the cleaning otherwise I’m in big trouble 😉

Searching on the net I found so many great hints and tips how to use the steam cleaner.

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