Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Testing My New Digital Pocket Camera

My Olympus digital camera battery cover broke last week.  I found out repairing is pretty expensive. I read some photographers wrap a rubber band around to hold the cover close. That was what my husband also suggested. I tried but it was no good at all. The rubber band was not strong enough to keep the cover properly closed. The camera kept popping off.

After recovering from my disappointment I though why not buy a new one. After all, in three four years there are so many new and better cameras. I, actually, had complained about my  Olympus being too big for my hand bag. I told hubby this time I want a pocket camera.  After two days of surfing the net I found what I wanted. I bought a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.

I have now been shooting test pictures. Both to find out about all the camera features and to find out about picture quality.  I told the cats if they pose they will get some extra tuna 🙂 Quam got tired of posing after just two or three pictures. Quismo who loves the tuna more stayed for a little longer.

I hid the thirty plates under the “smiley”

From what I can see I think the picture quality as at least as good as those shot with the Olympus.