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@ The National Museum & Ateneum Art Museum

Some time ago when my husband heard the “Double Eagle” on it’s  European Tour also will visit Helsinki he was excited. He said it is a “must see” thing. Yesterday we went to the National Museum where the exhibition is held.  My husband likes old coins, stamps, vehicles etc. He liked the exhibition very much. For my part. Well. I am now able to say I have seen the world’s most expensive coin “live”.  As you may figure out I was not that impressed.

Thanks to Facebook and my ex colleague I learned about the Carl Larsson exhibition.  Carl Larsson is a swedish painter (1853-1919).  I like Carl Larsson’s art very much.  His water color paintings are lovely.

Peikkometsän lumotut vuodenajat

Oltiin Lefan kanssa eilen Espoon Opistoteatterin Peikkometsän lumotut vuodenajat näytelmän kenraaliharjoituksissa. Meidän naapuri, Sari, esiintyy siinä. Hän on kuvassa olkihattu päässä. Näytelmä on suunnattu yli kolmevuotialle mutta meistä se oli sen verran mukava että käy hyvin myös ainakin eläkeläisille.

Minulla oli ilo saada toimia kuvaajana. Kuvattaessa valoa olisi saannut olla enemmän koska kameran kiinteä salama ei tahdo riittää tälläisiin tiloihin. Aikoinaan suunnittelin osatavani myös Canon Speedlite salamavalon kameraani. Hinta vaan on ollut esteenä. Mutta, jos eurolotossa tulee jättipotti niin . . .

Menkäähän katsomaan jos vaan kerkeätte.  Tarkempia tietoja,  klikka alla olevaa linkkiä.

Avannon avajaiset

Eilen oli uuden laiturin ja avannon viralliset avajaiset.  Tapahtuman järjestivät Jupperin AvantoSaukot ry. Sää suosi. Aurinko lämmitti ihanasti. Tarjoilla oli kaffetta ja avantomunkkeja, Tietoa avantouinnista, nuoren pojan break dance esitys laiturilla ja lopuksi AvantoSaukkon naiset (kolme) pulahtelivat avantoon.

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Testing My New Digital Pocket Camera

My Olympus digital camera battery cover broke last week.  I found out repairing is pretty expensive. I read some photographers wrap a rubber band around to hold the cover close. That was what my husband also suggested. I tried but it was no good at all. The rubber band was not strong enough to keep the cover properly closed. The camera kept popping off.

After recovering from my disappointment I though why not buy a new one. After all, in three four years there are so many new and better cameras. I, actually, had complained about my  Olympus being too big for my hand bag. I told hubby this time I want a pocket camera.  After two days of surfing the net I found what I wanted. I bought a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.

I have now been shooting test pictures. Both to find out about all the camera features and to find out about picture quality.  I told the cats if they pose they will get some extra tuna 🙂 Quam got tired of posing after just two or three pictures. Quismo who loves the tuna more stayed for a little longer.

I hid the thirty plates under the “smiley”

From what I can see I think the picture quality as at least as good as those shot with the Olympus.

Winter Happening

Such a great day for the winter happening. Plus two degrees Celsius. The perfect weather for the event. Last year it was minus eighteen degrees. Fingers and toes were numb. Today was a pleasure being there. As always there’s the horse and pony riding. Same horse still but the pony was a new one. Coffee, hot juice, wheat buns, grilled sausages. Skiing competitions for the kids. Meeting people, talking etc.

Leif talking to someone

Mmmm . . . it smells good 🙂

Had not seen Jenni for la ong time so it really was great to meet her and her goldens Hope and Linda. Linda had four puppies about eight weeks ago. Three of them already moved to their new homes. The last one will move within this week.

Goodbye President Tarja Halonen – Welcome President Sauli Niinistö

Presidential Inauguration today on 1 March.

We were there when they arrived to the parliament house for the inauguration ceremony.  It was so kind of the elderly gentleman standing in front of me to, when he saw I had a camera, offer me to stay in front of him.  The arriving was over in about five minutes.  I would have liked to wait for them coming out from the parliament and to going down town to see them on the balcony of the Presidential Palace.  Leif got grumpy and tired and wanted to go. So home we went. We were back at home in time to watch the arrival at the Presidential Palace.

HEUREKA The Finnish Science Centre

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Visiting HEUREKA The Finnish Science Centre yesterday together with my husband and a group of about 90 other members of the “Veteraanimoottoripyöräklubi ry” A club for people interested in old motor bikes. HEUREKA opened in 1989 and I think we visited the centre right after the opening. I am not sure have I been there since.  Anyway, we had a great time there yesterday.  How nice to find out photographing is allowed there  so I shot a few pictures. Not easy to photograph as there were so many people.  The film,  A Journey To The Stars, we saw in the planetarium was very interesting. Only I had to close my eyes a couple of times as I felt like everything was spinning around.  I would have liked to watch The Rat Basket Ball but the last play was at 3:40 pm and we arrived at 4:00. Yup, was a nice afternoon 🙂