Shrove Sunday

Today is Shrove Sunday.  I baked  some shrove buns.  When I was a kid my mom always made shrove buns. Back then we had no marzipan or jam in them. Just whipped cream. Then we put them into hot milk.  Today’s buns always have marzipan or jam plus whipped cream. So I made some with marzipan and some with raspberry jam. My husband still wants to have his buns with hot milk. I prefer to have mine with a cup of coffee.

4 thoughts on “Shrove Sunday

  1. Melody Jane

    Do they go soft in the milk or do you eat them really quickly? Is it in a bowl or a saucer? I’m fascinated, I’ve been in Finland for a few years and no-one told me about this!
    In England, we make pancakes (bliini). We put lemon juice and white sugar on top of them.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for commenting my post.
      Oh yes. They do go soft in the milk. That is why I don’t want mine in hot milk. Maybe you have not been here in February. I think if you had been here at Shrove time you had not been able to avoid the shrove buns.
      How very interesting you having pancakes (bliini) with lemon juice & white sugar. I have not hear of having pancakes with lemon juice before.
      Wishing you a very nice spring !

      1. Melody Jane

        I have heard of the buns, but not the hot milk version. I should have been more clear 🙂
        I did not realise lemon juice was unusual until I moved overseas, but it really is delicious (with sugar too of course) and I recommend it. I will have to try laskiaispulla in warm milk one day.
        Have a nice spring too!

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