Monthly Archives: February 2012

Shrove Sunday

Today is Shrove Sunday.  I baked  some shrove buns.  When I was a kid my mom always made shrove buns. Back then we had no marzipan or jam in them. Just whipped cream. Then we put them into hot milk.  Today’s buns always have marzipan or jam plus whipped cream. So I made some with marzipan and some with raspberry jam. My husband still wants to have his buns with hot milk. I prefer to have mine with a cup of coffee.

Sunday Feb 5 ~ Minus 30 Celsius


On the beautiful cold, sunny winter day, Sunday Feb 5,  we were celebrating the day of  the Finnish national poet J.L. Runeberg and we were voting, the second round, for a new president.

The next president of Finland is from the beginning of  March Sauli Niinistö.

On the way to vote we drove by the lake.  There is this new place  for those who love to swim in the winter.  Our neighbor is a winter swimmer.   She suggested I’d try it. I know it’s good for your health. But, no, no, no !  Brrrr.  I’m not going to do it. I probably would have a heart attack .

Runeberg’s Day February 5th

Last year I made a “Runeberg’s Cake”. This year I decided to bake some traditional Runeberg’s tarts. I surfed the net to find a nice recipe. I found one I liked on the blog “Bakformen”. Yesterday I bought a silicone baking mold for the purpose. The recipe required some punch but the liquor store had run out of the punch so I bought some rum instead.

Well, they are not as beautiful as those you buy. The smell is good. Not bad for my first ones ever, eh ?

We are going to have them for the afternoon coffee tomorrow when back from voting for a new president for our country.