Hey Macarena . . .

We were visiting our goddaughter today. As soon as we arrived her youngest, Minea, asked us to come and dance. DANCE ! ? ! Well Santa had brought the kids Playstation move dancestar. I said I can’t dance. Minea said, don’t worry. I’ll show you. Oh, ok, yeah, looked nice and not at all difficult. After a while we all were dancing to Hey Macarena.  Our god-daughter’s parents were there too. After two or three dances I actually won over her father 😉  Unbelievable eh !  It was sooo much fun. We were laughing a lot. Thanks kids for showing us how to do it.


Canelo was watching. He’s in the picture to the left down in the corner. When I began dancing he though I had gone absolutely crazy.  No wonder he was confused. I afterwards saw “my dance” on the tape. I know, I looked pretty much insane.


Our wonderful goddaughter and her daughter Sandra doing the Macarena. Sandra was the champion, the dancing queen.

Great afternoon. Thanks guys 🙂

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