Daily Archives: November 19, 2011

Reading glasses

Last spring I noticed I was not able to see as well as before. Reading was still OK but my distance vision was a bit harder. So I paid the optician a visit. She told me there had been some changes in my eyes and that it was time to have new glasses. I looked for frames and found what I wanted. Designed frames by Ralph Lauren. I think that of all the frames I have had these are the ones to suit me the best.

Well, at first I thought the glasses were good. Then, in a couple of months, I found out that reading was very hard. Still, until now I have been able to manage. I have used my old glasses when reading and the new ones for all other purpose. Some weeks ago I happened to drop “the reading glasses” to the floor and by mistake step on them ! Oh no ! Arrrgh ! Now I am unable to read the tiny texts on the packages. Using a magnifier is OK at home but in the grocery, super market, shopping center . . . naeee.

Then, at Tiimari buying Christmas cards, I saw these reading glasses for just 5.99 €. WOW ! Now I’m able to read again. At least I am able to manage for some time. However I must visit an optician soon to get prescription glasses as the other eye is weaker than the other.