Father’s Day ~ Anemone nemorosa

Happy Father’s Day !

As mentioned in my post of thursday November 10 the fall is exceptionally warm. Three weeks ago we were very surprised to see this spring flower in bloom.  Normally they are in bloom for Mother’s Day in May.

Anemone nemorosa ~Valkovuokko ~ Vitsippa

I was out for a walk with Canelo in the morning. I saw something white. I looked closer. No way ! Amazing ! Some more Anemone nemorosa flowers. On the same place where I spotted the one three weeks ago. Oh poor things ! They think the spring is here. First time in my life time when there are Anemone nemorosas for Father’s Day.

Anemone nemorosa ~Valkovuokko ~ Vitsippa

I can’t but wonder . . . will I be able to find some also in December 🙂

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