Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

good morning ~ доброе утро

I think the title tells it all ! Yes ! I’m attending a russian langauge course for beginners. Can you believe ? At my age ! I hope the saying ‘it’s never too late’ stands for this as well.

Ever since I visited St Petersburg in September 2008 I have wanted to learn russian. At least to learn the alphabet and to read street signs if I will visit there again.

The course is organised by The Swedish Adult Education Centre of Helsinki (Arbis) where I also attend a course in spanish.

I guess I’m a bit crazy beginning to study a new language as I’m still struggling with the spanish language after all these years.

The courses are only once a week for one and half hour / course. In one month we are now  finished with the alphabet. It’s a quite a difficult language. Both to read, write and pronounce. You should hear me trying to pronounce the words. So far I can’t but laugh. It all sound ridiculous.

I hope, next time I visit St Petersburg, I will be able to read the street signs 🙂