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Mortti ~ My Sister’s Horse

About a week ago I received an e-mail from my sis. I opened it and immediately saw the picture of  this beautiful, beautiful horse.  Lo and behold ! She is telling me she now is the happy owner of this norwegian coldblood horse called Mortti.

  WOW ! Congrats sis 🙂

I knew she’s always been horse crazy.  Long ago, about 32-33 years ago, we actually went to see her riding.  I remember I thought she looked so very small on the horse that to me seemed a giant. Now I’m so much looking forward to go see her riding again. This time riding her own horse Mortti.

good morning ~ доброе утро

I think the title tells it all ! Yes ! I’m attending a russian langauge course for beginners. Can you believe ? At my age ! I hope the saying ‘it’s never too late’ stands for this as well.

Ever since I visited St Petersburg in September 2008 I have wanted to learn russian. At least to learn the alphabet and to read street signs if I will visit there again.

The course is organised by The Swedish Adult Education Centre of Helsinki (Arbis) where I also attend a course in spanish.

I guess I’m a bit crazy beginning to study a new language as I’m still struggling with the spanish language after all these years.

The courses are only once a week for one and half hour / course. In one month we are now  finished with the alphabet. It’s a quite a difficult language. Both to read, write and pronounce. You should hear me trying to pronounce the words. So far I can’t but laugh. It all sound ridiculous.

I hope, next time I visit St Petersburg, I will be able to read the street signs 🙂

Helsinki Baltic Herring Fair 2-8 October 2011

The herring fair is held annually in the beginning of October at the Helsinki market square.

We don’t go there every year. Yesterday was the last day of the event for this time. The weather was nice so we decided to pay a visit.

I actually don’t go there very much for the sake of the herring but for the atmosphere. I enjoy the people, the smells, Fishermen selling their products direct from their boats. The dark bread from the archipelago is a popular product. My husband loves it !

This fishing boat comes from Åland. The dark breads to the left.

Old time sailing ship.

There are also some sailing ships coming to the market. They function as restaurants.

A young seagull.

Every time I visit the market place I shoot some pictures of the seagulls. I like the colour. The different shades of brown and white. This one at first seemed curious. probably hoping to get some delicious treats. When he realised there were none for him he spread his wings and flew away.

The seagulls at the market place really are a problem. They steal anything you eat from you if you don’t pay attention. Also there is a lot of pollution because of them. Helsinki city have tried to get the seagulls to leave the market place. This time there actually were less of them.

It was very nice and the weather was warm. Some hours later there was thunder and rain. Our friend Steve came by at about 4 pm. He told there was some snow only some kilometers from our place. When our son came he also us told the ground was white in Laaksolahti !