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Don’t they look like they are from another time ? Like some thousands of years ago.   Good thing is they are only about 3 – 5 – 8 cm. Would not want to meet one if it were the size of a mouse or cat or dog or horse or, oh my goodness, an elephant . . .  I don’t know why I find them interesting. There’s something about them that mesmerize me. Anyway, they are sooo easy to take pictures of. They don’t run or fly away 🙂


Apples; domestic, imported, apple pie . . .

On Wednesday I had got a huge wish for apple pie. We had no apples so I sent Lefa on a mission. There is a garden next to ours where are plenty of apple trees. The owner, an elderly man, does not pick them.  Most of the apples just rotten away.  I told Leif to please, please go pinch some apples. 

Yesterday I made the pie. 

Last time in the shop I noticed the huge difference in domestic apples and imported apples from New Zealand.  Normally I probably wouldn’t even have noticed there are apples from New Zealand.  This time the sign caught my attention immediately because we know a family who recently moved there. Imagine . . . the apples come all the way from New Zealand to Finland.  WOW  !  The most surprising thing is that the New Zealand apples are less than half the price from the domestic ones.

How crazy is that ?

We have more than enough of apples in Finland this time of the year. Most of the apples will rot and get thrown away. Please sell them a bit cheaper. Why not import less apples this time of the year. Import them during the winter.

Just my humble opinion. By the way who am I to know about these things ; )

The apples from New Zealand actually looked more delicious than the domestic ones. I will buy some next time to taste the difference 🙂

Blueberry Pie

Today in the shopping center I bought blueberries. The idea of making a blueberry pie came from out of the blue, just like that. I bought 500 grams.  Leif, my husband, was more than surprised and wanted to know why I bought them. Well, I told him, I’m going to make a pie.  I could see he had his doubts !  Hmmm, I wonder why !

Anyway, back at home I found my favorite blueberry pie recipe.  I realise I had way too much of the blueberries for only one pie.  Well, no problem. I will make two.  It really didn’t take me long at all to make two instead of just one. I put the first one into the oven. Started the timer. Soon the alarm rang. I took the pie out. Smelled good. Looked good. Mmmmm.   Then the other one in. I went to check my e-mails. Suddenly it hit me. I jumped up from the chair run to check the pie. I was lucky. Arriving in time to get it out. Guess what ! Yes, I had forgotten to restart the timer !