My Half Sister

I was a foster child since the age of four. My mother = foster-mother always did her best to encourage me to keep in touch with my birth mother but I never really wanted.

When I got older we did meet occasionally. I now wish I had asked her, my birth mother, more about many things. Now of course it is too late as she passed away already long ago. Neither did I learn to know my brother who too has passed away.

After many, many years I really was very happy to meet my half-sister again. How wonderful of her to accept my invitation to come visit us.  She has two sons. It would have been nice to meet both of the boys but the older one was at work. We were happy to meet her younger, 14 years old, son.

My half-sister and her son

My brother, half-sister and me. Summer 1963. Isn’t she a doll ?

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