@ Friends

Dear Friends, Thanks for having us there yesterday . . .

Our friends and hubby

 It probably was the warmest day of the summer. We were swimming in the lake. No algae there.  The water was warm. We were able to stay in it  for as long as we wanted. Canelo was in the water for, I think, about three hours. The food was delicious. Yes, a perfect day !


Machaon Papillon

Our friends found this beautiful butterfly on their patio some weeks ago. It had died because the right wing was damaged. At first I thought it was not a real one. Maybe somebody had left it there. No, no . . . they assured me  it’s a real one. I took it outdoors and put it on a plant to take a photo. As you can see I have edited/photoshopped the wing. I wanted to give the butterfly his wing back at least on the picture.    

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