Sigh . . .

I was so happy thinking Quismo was OK. Well . . . he was for a long time. His eyes looked great. He managed with only the Lubrithal drops for months. Unfortunately the virus flared up once again ! Even worse. Now both cats have it and need treatment for it.

Poor cats. They hate the trip (s) to the veterinary. They hate the drops and pills ! No matter how much I’m trying to, secretly, pick the pills and drops from the cabinet they are able to know it’s time for the medication. Day by day they are getting smarter and smarter at finding places to hide.

This is what they need now:

Oculac Roferon A 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/2 weeks

Oftan Akvakol 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/6 weeks

Famvir ½ pill twice/day/10 days

Lysin.hydrochlorid. 2 pills twice/day/for 3 months (hopefully not more than that)

Lubrithal 1 drop each eye 3 times/day probably for always

In the background a Royal Canin Cat Food Storage tin. Of several tins, this is my favorite one. I love the gray cat in the picture.

I’m afraid we have to postpone some of our road trips for this summer. Well, it’s OK. The cats’ health is the most important thing for the time being.

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