Can it get any better

Summer, sunshine, swimming in the lake, daylight for almost a round the clock . . .

I love to swim in the evening. Often the wind will have calmed down there are no waves. Tonight there was a group of young firefighters in training, a bit from where I was swimming, using diving gear. I was hoping they would still be there when I had finished swimming. I wanted to shoot some pictures.  To my disappointment they were already packing their equipment and the last man was just about to step out off the water. I asked may I shoot a picture. Yup, fine with them.  Thanks guys 🙂

In the picture you can see the two small piers. I have marked them with white arrows. I think it is about 50 m between them. I swim five to six times back and forth between them. Sometimes up to ten times. Great feeling afterwards. I’m so happy it’s only beginning of the summer. One still will be able to swim for about two and a half months.

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