License Plates/Registration Plates

Life’s unpredictable paths

My husband is interested in classic cars, motorcycles, anything old on wheels and that has an engine/motor.  Being interested in the cars he, of course, is also collecting license plates.  He has a small collection of them. He like to buy them when visiting all kind of flea markets, junk markets etc. The plates hardly have no value he do love them and is very proud of them.

He had written something about license plates in some of the classic car magazines or was it a classic motorbike magazine. Because of the writing someone, also collecting plates, had contacted him some time ago. They had decided to meet and check out each other’s plates.

So yesterday hubby went to visit the guy to have a look at his plates and then they would come here to check out my husband’s plates. I heard them coming. Hubby opened the door to holler, hey we are here now.  I went out to say hi.

Imagine my surprise ! Also the guy is at least as surprised. We looked at each other and at my husband’s even more surprised expression when he realized the two of us had met before.  We both had worked in the same company many years ago. At least 12 – 14 years ago. We did not know each other very well back then at work but we both immediately recognized one another.  That was a pretty funny situation. We all had a good laugh. 😀

After ventilating a little about the old times and new times as well I got to see some pictures of his license plates. WOW. He has a very nice collection. He has traveled a lot and been able to buy many nice plates from all over the world. Very different and neat plates compared to my hubby’s rusty, crumpled ones.

Lefa and Juke

Well what did I learn today. I learned life’s unpredictable. Today in a good way. I had ever never in my wildest dreams been able to even think we would meet one day in my home.  Well, I’m sure, neither had Juke !  I learned that collecting license plates to some people is a very serious hobby. I also learned that a plate collector is ready to pay as much as about 14 million us dollars for a single plate !

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