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Revisiting Aulanko

Then . . .  September 1970

Kaj, auntie Irene, mom and me.

Kaj and me.

Now . . .  May 2011

A popular place for spring excursions.

We were staying at our friends in Hämeenlinna all week. While our friends were elsewhere we decided to visit the Aulanko Hill where is a lookout tower, a lookout platform and a bear cave.

 Back there after about 41 years we were pretty baffled about the fact that there was this lookout tower. Neither of us were able to recall it from out visit long ago. I suggested it had not been there back then. For some reason we simply must have forgotten the tower because it has been there then. It was built in 1906-1907. I must have enjoyed the scenic lookout platform so much that I never noticed the tower.

I was able to remember the many steps down to the bear cave. We told my mom and aunt it is a piece of cake to climb the steps down to the cave. There is a sculpture of a bear family. I’m so amazed they both, then, older than we are now, actually did all the steps down and then back up. WOW ! I say they were some tough women.

Neither of us climbed the tower nor the steps down to the cave this time. I’m sure I would not have made it  . . . or it had taken me a week 🙂

It was a nice to be back there after such a long time. When walking down the hill to the car hubby said if we are waiting another 40 years to come back we will be 105 !

Prunus Padus ~ Bird Cherry

I had to look up the english and latin names from Google.

Prunus Padus, tuomi, hägg, bird cherry 

The flowers smell sooo good. Specially in the evening. Indoors the smell is too strong.

Aina oppii jotain uutta ! En ollut koskaan tullut ajatelleeksi mitä tuomi on suomeksi. Tai sitten olen vaan unohtanut sitä 😉 On toi Google vaan niin hyvä kun sieltä löytää ihan kaikki mitä vaan haluaa tietää 🙂 

Need Some Sleep

Last night I was watching TV, Youtube and reading pretty late, I think till about 2:00 a.m.  Just after about one hour sleep:

At 3:00 a.m.both cats were meowing real loudly to wake me up. I gave them some food then went back to bed and fell asleep. At 4:00 a.m. Canelo was whining loudly. He had to get out doors to lift his leg, Back to bed, fell asleep. At 5:00 a.m. our dear son came from a nice evening with friends, we talked a bit, then back to sleep. At 6:00  a.m. hubby woke, made coffee and was talking, talking, talking.

Geeez, I’m sooo tired. I’m now off back to bed, closing the bedroom door, putting earplugs in my ears and am going to sleep for hours.

Good night !


Yuck ! Almost brushed my teeth with footcream.

Yuck ! Last night just about when to put the toothbrush into my mouth it hit me something was not right. Maybe the smell or the toothpaste tube in  my hand. I sniffed the toothbrush. Ufff, what on earth ? I checked the tube in my hand. Oh no ! I had put footcream on my brush ! I’m so happy I didn’t put it in my mouth. Certainly had not killed me but wouldn’t have been very nice at all.

Can you believe the tubes, both of them standing next to my toothbrush on the restroom shelf. Well, not anymore. I made sure the same mistake won’t happen again. The footcream and Aqualan tubes, in the picture, are now in the restroom cabinet.

Tour To The Recycling Center

What a relief, finally, finally I got my dear hubby convinced to pick up old junk that we’ve had hanging around for  years. As he always said . . . he might need some spear parts or so, you know. Today we drove them to the recycling station. We filled the trailer with an old lawn mower, an old snowblower, a sauna oven, grill, iron bars, iron wire, etc. I did not have to nag and whine about this too long 🙂 Just about 5 – 10 years !

Voi että olen iloinen ! Lefa suostui luopumaan “tarvevarastostaan”. Tai ainakin osan siitä kärrättiin kierrätyskeskukseen. Eikä minun tarvinnut marista asiasta edes kovin pitkään.

Vielä muuten riittää hommia mutta ainakin ollaan päästy alkuun ja suunta on oikea . . .  jeeeee 😀