White-tailed Deer

Waiting and waiting and waiting  . . .

At 7:50 pm the light still was nice enough . . .

Our good friend Steve has told us about the four white-tailed deer coming every morning and  every evening all winter long to eat the oat he put in the bucket for them. Yesterday we went there to shoot some pictures.

I asked Steve do they come while still good light and he assured me they will. He said they usually are coming between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. We were there in good time sitting down at the kitchen table keeping an eye on the dear deers “dining table”.  After almost two hours of waiting I went out to at least shoot one picture of the place.  There was still light enough and I was hoping very much for the deers to show up  so I would be able to get some nice pictures.

At 8:10 pm I gave up. They would not come tonight. We told Steve thanks for the ice cream and if the deers are coming, please call us and we’ll turn back. Unbelievable ! ! ! We had not made it more than max one kilometer when hubby’s phone rang. That was Steve calling, LAUGHING, telling us the deer were there now. We speeded back. I sneaked the best I could not to scare them away. The dusk had fallen and at 8:20 pm it really was too dark for shooting from such a distance. I did it anyway. How could I possible have left without, at least, giving it a try.

At 8:20 pm. 

The same picture, as above,  edited, using auto enhance.

Only two of them stayed. Both very, very suspicious keeping an eye on me all the time. In the morning Steve called to tell all four deers were there having their breakfast ! Steve ! Next time we will come early in the morning 😀

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