Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Winter/Summer Coat

Clipping the coat . . .

Many thinks he looks sooo cute in his winter coat. I do agree . . .

With spring around the corner, the streets getting wet, sandy, muddy etc,  I decided to begin clipping Canelo’s coat. That was, last week, on March 22nd. I use scissors so it takes me days to finish. Not because Canelo would not let me clip it off all in one day. Only I don’t won’t to tire us out too much for too long at the time.  

Well, he is sooo cute in his summer coat as well 🙂

I wonder what breeders would say about the result ! I will give him an other round in the summer, in the end of June or the beginning of July. Then one more clipping before the winter.

I read and saw pictures about how to cord your Spanish Water Dog.  Seems very common and popular in many countries. I don’t think I have seen any corded SWD here. Or then I may not have known they were SWD:s.