Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

So Embarrassing

On Tuesday night my neighbour and friend Sari, once again, was in a play about Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot. Knowing how much I like photographing she told me to, just please, come shoot some pictures if you like to. Of course I would like to. I really was looking forward to the “happening”.

The play would begin at 7:30 pm. We left home at 6:45 and arrived there at 7. What ? Nobody there ! Wrong Day ? There was a guard at the front door who told us, sorry, either wrong day or wrong place. Nothing here tonight.

We tried to call Sari, actually each and every one in her family. No answer ! I called my son to please, please, please check my emails from Sari. the one where she is giving me the link of the event. Oh no . . . he was not able to find the right e-mail. Luckily I asked the guy at the door could I use his computer to check my e-mail. Yup he said, no problem. Thanks to him I found the righ address, about 7- 10 kilometers away. Not much time left, not sure we would make it in time. Leif, my husband driving like crazy.

I think we arrived about 5 -7 minutes late. It was sooo embarrassing I could have dropped dead. Lights were already off. The actors all had taken there positions ready to begin. I was so nervous I could hardly think or see anything. Heh-heh ! I just pressed the button over and over again and wished that at least one picture would be OK.

Sari to the left. Playing the role of Louhi.

The entire group of the play.

The play was interesting. They all were fantastic. I’m looking forward to the third and last play of “their” Kalevala trilogy. 

I apologize and hope the group will forgive me my mistake.  Who knows ! Maybe, just maybe, hopefully,  they still will have confidence enough in me to ask me to come shoot some pictures then as well.