Cyperus Zumula ! ! !

I am sooo damn angry and disappointed with myself for not checking out about the plant I bought in the flower shop the other day ! ! !

I went there to buy a wonderful light rosa begonia. Already paying for the begonia my eyes caught a green plant with a little sign in the pot. A cat pictured on it. I asked the woman what plant is this. Oh it’s cat grass she told me. Really, cat grass ? ! You mean it’s for your cat to eat like the oath or wheat ? ! She nodded and told me yes. WOW ! Yeah ! OK, I’ll just have one thank you !

Cyperus Zumula

The plant was on the windowsill for a couple of days. Neither of the cats showed any kind of interest in it. I was a bit confused as usually when they get oath or wheat they literally throw themselves over it. Yesterday I was in the kitchen when I saw Quismo eating of it. I was so pleased to see he liked the grass. Seconds later Quismo cried out loud, I mean really loud, for help and then he threw up. Oh my goodness, he was vomiting big time. Both my husband and I understood immediately that the grass is not for cats ! Eating oat or wheat never made none of our cats feel that bad.

I surfed the net and found out the plant certainly is not for cats. It’s now high up away from the cats. Today I will go to the pet store to buy them some delicious, healthy oat. Also I will pop into the flower shop to tell the woman the grass is highly toxic to cats and may cause liver damage. I’ll tell her to, please, please warn your customers about the “cat grass”.

I feel awful about this. I feel an idiot. The biggest fool on the planet. Quismo dear forgive me, love ya.

6 thoughts on “Cyperus Zumula ! ! !

  1. colleen

    I think you must of gotten another type of Cyperus, not Zumula, maybe it was mislabeled? My nursery old it last year, my dogs and the neighborhood cats and dogs all ate it, no troubles. It was advertised as “PET CANDY”. So seems to be a miscommunication somewhere.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you colleen for your comment. The plant I bought is the plant in the picture. Here too they advertise it as “PET CANDY”. The tag on the plant said “Cyperus Zumula” Maybe it was an other type of Cyperus. I don’t know. I don’t buy it anymore as, as I said, I did a lot of research on the net and there was so many different opinions regarding it. I now, in wintertime, buy barley grass which my, now, cat loves. And so did all our cats before him. I bought the Cuperys Zumula because it was so decorative and I thought it was good for my cats. I’m glad your pets love it and have not had any symptoms. All the best to you and your cats and dogs.

  2. aheikkinen Post author

    Hi Anouk,
    Thank you for your comment. In the winter I buy wheat and oats seeds. They grow fast and our cats like them. In the summer they are able to eat grass outdoors.
    Have a nice summer 🙂

  3. Anouk

    I buy cat grass because when they do have a hairball they start crying as if someone hurt them. With the cat grass they do it a lot less. I’m also from Europe. I have also put normal grass from my garden in a pot and it aswell works. Keeping the cat grass alive is my challenge
    it gets very dry soon.

  4. Misha


    I just wanted to let you know that cyperus zumula is actually widely used all over Europe (being European myself) as a cat grass and IS NOT TOXIC for cats. My cat has been eating it for 5 years…
    Your cat might have been sensitive to something or who knows, but the plant is definitely safe as it is recomended by breeders and by cat forums as well.
    Womiting eaten grass with hairball is actually natural process of getting rid of hair in cat’s stomach.
    So, just do your search before you say something is this or that…
    Hope your kitty’s well.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for your comment.
      I did a lot of searching on the net and as I said in my second post regarding the plant the matter is difficult and controversial. Many say the “cat grass” is toxic for cats.
      I am happy to hear your cat is able to eat the grass. Probably my cat is more sensitive.
      I grew up with cats in my childhood home and have had cats of my own since 1967 so all the vomiting and hairball things is familiar to me. The vomiting caused by the grass was so violent and different from normal vomiting.
      My cat is OK now.
      All the best to both you and your cat 🙂


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