Cyperus Zumula

I have, today, been surfing the internet for more information about the Cyperus Zumula plant. What a difficult and controversial matter! So many different opinions. A veterinary says that the cat grass contains harmful essential oil thujone and the plant is not for cats.

I went back to the flower shop today just to tell them what I had found out about the plant. Hmmm . . . I got the feeling they were not interested. Both women assured me the wholesaler has sold the plants to them as cat grass and and so far there has been no complaints.

Maybe they are right in saying my cat is too sensitive ! Who knows ! I know  . . . no more Cyperus Zumula for my cats.

2 thoughts on “Cyperus Zumula

  1. Annie

    Hello sorry I did not see your name but thank you so much for posting this on your site. A friend of mine (a cat owner) sent me some cyperus zumula for my cat Cuthbert by mail order which I collected last Friday 4 Nov. He went straight to it and ate some on Friiday and Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday around lunchtime he sicked up a large furball and we thought that might be a good thing. But on Monday he was so violently sick that we decided to take it away from him and it is outside where he cant’ get at it. We are so worried that the grass might have hurt him inside and will be taking him to the vet very soon and I will let you know what the vet says. best wishes, Ann I hope your cats are well.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hello Annie,
      I’m sorry to hear your cat Cuthbert was so violently sick because of the plant . I hope he is now OK and that the grass have not hurt him inside. I thought my cat was the only one to react so violently to the plant. I now know the plant make your cat terrible sick no matter what the florist’s shop says. I think it is so wrong to use the name cat grass of the plant ! Thank you Annie for taking the time commenting my post.


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