Watercolour painting

My first watercolour painting or . . . 

So very cute !

Browsing the net I saw this wonderful picture of a fox. I don’t know who the photographer is but the picture is beautiful.  Instantly I began to make a pencil drawing. When I had finished sketching it I scanned a copy of the sketch in case I would ruin the drawing then I could continue drawing using the copy. Soon I decided to, one more time, give the watercolours a try. So I used the copy for that purpose instead. Hmmm . . . are “Gouache Colours” the same as watercolours.

 Here’s my Fox !

I hadn’t put it here if hubby hadn’t told me it’s not as bad as I think ! 

Ufff  . . .  too much white/grey to the left of the nose.  I think it was pretty OK at some point. I really should know when to stop. I’m overdoing my drawings and did so with this painting as well. I have to read more on the net about how to draw and paint. Also I think I ought to buy some more brushes. Most of all. I need to practice, practice, practice. Even then. Will I ever learn ?  Perhaps the shredder would have been the right place for this ?

2 thoughts on “Watercolour painting

  1. Claudine Gobille

    hello Alice,
    congratulations for this first watercolor drawing.
    I paint now for several years but I did very few water colors.
    I am not sure that watercolor is the easier for beginning painting because difficult to correct an error.
    you could begin with color pencils or pastels that you could rub.
    gouache is easier too because you can add color under the error.
    I began painting with oil, i love it because colors ar every rich an easy to mix, but it takes long time to dry and cleaning material is longer.
    4 years ago , I tried acrylic painting, I had to adapt my way to paint because it dries very fast. Now I think that acrylic is the easier to begin painting because drying fast, you can easyly correct if not satisfied.
    I hope that this advice could help you
    have a nice day
    enjoy painting, I love it
    Claudine,your french friend

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      hello Claudine my dear French friend ,
      I am so, so happy for the comment and the valuable advice about painting. You are such an great artist. You have been painting for so many years. You are so talented. Your paintings are absolutely stunning. I will not be that good in a million years !
      I wrote “my” painting was a watercolor painting but it is painted with the gouache colors. I like to draw and paint. It’s so relaxing.
      Take care my friend, kisses
      your Finnish friend, Alice


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