Daily Archives: March 6, 2011

Watercolour painting

My first watercolour painting or . . . 

So very cute !

Browsing the net I saw this wonderful picture of a fox. I don’t know who the photographer is but the picture is beautiful.  Instantly I began to make a pencil drawing. When I had finished sketching it I scanned a copy of the sketch in case I would ruin the drawing then I could continue drawing using the copy. Soon I decided to, one more time, give the watercolours a try. So I used the copy for that purpose instead. Hmmm . . . are “Gouache Colours” the same as watercolours.

 Here’s my Fox !

I hadn’t put it here if hubby hadn’t told me it’s not as bad as I think ! 

Ufff  . . .  too much white/grey to the left of the nose.  I think it was pretty OK at some point. I really should know when to stop. I’m overdoing my drawings and did so with this painting as well. I have to read more on the net about how to draw and paint. Also I think I ought to buy some more brushes. Most of all. I need to practice, practice, practice. Even then. Will I ever learn ?  Perhaps the shredder would have been the right place for this ?