Daily Archives: February 17, 2011


The other day I saw this wonderful photo of a wolf on the net. I don’t remember what I actually was looking for when my eyes cought the picture but right the way I was  inspired to make a colour pencil drawing.  I know my drawing is not good at all but I like to do it. It’s very relaxing.

I started by using colour pencils. Three different shades of gray and one black pencil. I wish I had left it at that.  I used both water colours and acrylics to make the drawing better. Eeeeek, no good ! I regretted it immediately and tried to wipe it off with a wet cloth but too late.

ooops, the date is wrong, should read 17.2.2011 

The wolf picture appears to be one very popular subject to both paint and draw as I found plenty of different versions of it on the net.  All absolutely great ones.