Our Nissan Car

Now our car is almost as good as new.

Canelo listening very carefully 😉

This small car maintenance/repair garage has become a very familiar place to us. Our “relationship”  began in 1983. Back then we needed two cars and hubby bought a cheap used one. The car was practically a piece of  junk !  Ready for the car crusher really. Always needed some sort of repair. Petri, the guy to the left in the picture, then very young  just recently had graduated from vocational school.  He already then was a good car repairer. Now he’s an excellent one. 

Our, now, car, a Nissan Primera,  is already 13 years. In a short period of time we have had to take our car there for several times. After several months drive with a broken shock absorber we now have a new one. The car heater system was out of work for a year and a half.  We had a leaking water pump for some time. Had to fill water  often. Worst of all was the poor idle running. Also a long time problem.  I hated driving as e.g. stopping on red traffic light you never knew would the car choke or not.

So happy about the car now. It’s almost as good as a new one !

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