Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Our Nissan Car

Now our car is almost as good as new.

Canelo listening very carefully ūüėČ

This small car maintenance/repair garage has become a very familiar place to us. Our “relationship”¬† began¬†in 1983. Back then we needed two cars and hubby bought¬†a cheap used one. The car was practically¬†a piece of¬† junk !¬† Ready for the car crusher really. Always needed some sort of repair. Petri, the guy to the left in the picture, then very young¬† just recently had graduated from vocational school. ¬†He already then was a good car repairer. Now he’s an excellent one.¬†

Our, now, car, a Nissan Primera,  is already 13 years. In a short period of time we have had to take our car there for several times. After several months drive with a broken shock absorber we now have a new one. The car heater system was out of work for a year and a half.  We had a leaking water pump for some time. Had to fill water  often. Worst of all was the poor idle running. Also a long time problem.  I hated driving as e.g. stopping on red traffic light you never knew would the car choke or not.

So happy about the car now. It’s almost as good as a new one !