Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Helsinki Music Centre

 Well, you know me guys 🙂 I hardly go anywhere without my camera. If I, for some reason, forget it I feel almost naked 😀 Yesterday we went to down town Helsinki in some errands. It was a nice sunny day and when we were driving by the music centre I told my husband to please, please stop. I want to shoot a picture of my own of the new, still under construction, Helsinki Music Centre.

The new music centre is very close to Finlandia Hall where I used to work for 22 years.  For as long as I worked there I remember all the talking about the need of a new place for the the orchestras. The project was, for many reasons, both on and off for several times. In October 2008 the founding stone was laid. The opening ceremony will be held on August 30.