Runeberg’s Tart

J. L. Runeberg national poet of Finland born 1804 February 5

For as long as I can remember there has been the custom to on the February 5th have Runeberg’s tarts. Already when I went to school in the small town of Borgå/Porvoo where J. L. Runeberg also lived. His home is a museum and was not far away from our school. Across the street there was a cafeteria named after his wife Fredrika where we used to go after school. The Runeberg tart was made by J. L. Runebergs wife of  bread crumbs. I read on Wikipedia the legend tells he had the tart for breakfast with some punch. Hmmm . . .

This a traditional Runeberg’s tart. There is a taste of liqueur, punch or rum. On the top there is raspberry jam and an icing of powder sugar. I have never made any of these myself. Always bought them.

This year there was a recipe in an magazine of an other version called Runeberg’s raspberry cake. Leif, my husband said why don’t you make one. Actually I had thought the same. I had all the ingredients at home except the liquor. The recipe said rum so that’s what I bought.

Here’s “my” cake !

If I may say it myself . . .yeah it was delicious. Just the right amount of the rum as well. My husband actually was a bit amazed about the result.  Maybe I will try to make the traditional ones next year.

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