Daily Archives: January 21, 2011


What was I thinking of ten years ago when giving my skis away believing I would ever never ski again !

Already last winter I was longing for going to ski on the lake. When I told  hubby I wanted to buy skis he really thought I should not as he was very sure I would not use them more than one time.

Last week I happened to mention to Sari, our neighbor, I would love to go skiing but have no skis. She is a most wonderful, helpful person and immeditaley said, hey you can use my crosscountry skis. She has got new skate skis and are mostly using them now.  

I was skiing yesterday and again today. It’s so nice. I hope the winter will last for many more weeks. Soon the sun will be shining. What can be more wonderful than skiing on the lake in the sunshine, the births chirping.