Monthly Archives: December 2010

World Vision Sponsor

We are the sponsors of a child, a young girl, since four years. She was ten years when we began the sponsorship and is now fourteen. Got a new picture of her a couple of weeks ago. WOW what a different. Then she was a child. Now she is a young lady.

As soon is Christmas we want to send her Christmas greetings. There are strict restrictions. What to send, how much it may cost, size of the envelope, weight etc. The restrictions are OK. I really do understand there must be restrictions.

In the envelope is a Christmas card, a small sketchbook and a pen. Nothing much, small things, practically without value. The thing is the envelope and the stamps cost more. Quite funny eh ?

When she is writing to us she usually is sendning drawings to. So I hope she will enjoy the sketchbook and send us many, many more.

Christmas Tree

We visited a friend today. On the way home we saw this, already from far away, huge Christmas tree situated on the top of a small hill on the old Glims Farmstead Museum’s yard. The tree, of course, has been decorated with Christmas lights already for many years but this was the first time I shot a picture of it. Glims is on the other side of the road from the Bemböle Coffee House. Both are from the 18th century. Here too is a caféteria.  Now in December there are workshops I’d like to attend. So if I’m not too busy on Sunday 12th I will go and learn how to make straw stars.  


1st of December today ! Today we had our first warm mulled spiced wine (= glögg in swedish, glögi in finnish) for the season. 

The opening of the Christmas season is always on the Saturday closest to the 1st of Advent. Many “glögg” parties are held then. We would also have had our “glögg” already last Saturday but with my husband away, actually, both Saturday and Sunday we decided to have the mulled wine today. Celebrating both the opening of the Christmas season and 1st of December.