Small Tins of Cat Tuna/Chicken

Our cat Qusimo is still on Lysin.hydroclorid because of the Feline Ocular Herpes and he must have his two tablets/twice a day. The best way to give him the medicine is to crush the tablets in a mortal and mix into tuna or chicken. That is why I buy those small 80 gram tins of cat tuna and cat chicken in sauce. After all this time, allready six months, I today come to check out the ingredients and the nutrition of a tin.

Protein                   12.0%           Protein

Ash                         2.0%             Glödgningsrest

Fiber                       1.0%             Fiber

Fat                           0.3%            Fett

Moisture               86.0%           Fukt

 The suggestion is 3-6 Tins/day for an average size cat.

Both of our cats love this diet. I want to believe the quality is the best and that it is a healthy diet.But, a big BUT! Am I the only one to think it is expensive! One tiny tin of 80 gram is 0.99 euro. Have to mentioned this is in Finland.  How much tuna/chicken is there? Sorry but my honest opinion is that they are overpriced! There are of course other brands too that we have tried. It’s just a waste of money as our cats don’t eat any other than the one mentioned above.

OK, enough of me complaining for today 🙂

Kan inte låta bli att protestera lite grand. Det gäller kattmat i små plåtburkar på 80 gram. Tonfisk och kyckling. En burk kostar 0,99 euro. Visst finns det andra märken att välja mellan men burkarna som är dubbelt så stora och hälften billigare är åtminstone hos oss bortkastade pengar. Våra kattor äter inte av dom ! Så länge Quismo måste ha sin medicin som jag blandar med tonfisken och kycklingen så är jag nog tvungen att hålla mig till dessa dyra delikatesser. Hmmm . . .  är jag kanske den enda som tycker det är dyrt ? !

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