Our Christmas Eve 2010

Waking up on the 24th, Christmas Eve, at 7:40 AM first thing I did was checking the out-door temperature. Brrrrr, minus 25 degrees Celsius.

At 9:00 AM we went to the cemetery. It is tradition to on Christmas Eve visit he cemetery and light candles on the graves of loved ones.  As there’s so much snow here now the TV news to people to bring their own spades and brushes. 

Yes, we found the right one.

At 2:00 PM we went to visit our wonderful neighbors for gloegg and coffee. It was so nice of them and we really enjoyed the visit. I took some pictures and am so disappointed they all turned out blurry ! For some stupid reason, very often,  now a days when I am photographing I do push the button too hard. The camera is making a move and unfortunately the pictures all are blurry. Aaaargh ! 

At 6:00 PM our son went to visit his friends to act Santa to their little daughter. This was his first time as Santa and he suddenly realised he IS OLD. Hmmm, he’s 34 🙂

After he came back from his friends we enjoyed sauna bath, had Christmas dinner and then at about 9:30 PM Santa had been visiting us. We all were happy to receive some very nice Christmas gifts.

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