Our cats Quam and Quismo

Our cats love cardboxes, baskets, anything you can sqeeze yourself into. Well, all cats do. Yesterday when I picked two baskets from the wardrobe. I put the first one the sofa table. Quam jumpped into it immediately. Of course Quismo wanted the basket and did everything to get Quam out of it.

I took an other basket out of the wardrobe. One we use for received Christmas cards. Now Quam was super fast to jump out of the first basket and into the new one.  Quismo was very, very disappointed. I practically could hear him say “what a rotten thing to do, that was my basket”.  Neither one wanting the first basket anymore. Quam stayed in the basket for many hours just to not let Quismo have it.

They sure behave like kids my adorable, wonderful, lovely cats.

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