Car Heating Not Working

Today we had to go to a nearby town, about 64 km from here, in some errands. On the way there something happened to the car heating system. As the outdoor temperature was minus 19 Celcius the cabin got very cold very soon after we left from here. We had an appoinment time set so there really was no time to stop on the way there to fix the problem. Just had to hurry not to being late for the meeting.

We were talking about how hard it must have been driving winter time in the past when the cars had no heating system. Windows frosted, no heating system, no heated seats etc. This led us to talk about the times when there were not many cars at all. I told my husband that when I was a kid we had no car but a horse. I do remember how we once went to a birthday party in the middle of the winter. It must have been about as cold as today. Mom had me wrapped up in layers after layers of warm woollen clothing, sheepskins to sit on and in the lap. We had sheep at the time. Still it was cold. Brrrr. I am glad to remember the horse was able to stay indoors while we stayed there. Yup, those were the days, some 58 years ago 🙂 

So happy we were able to get the heating problem solved before heading back home. What a difference. Nice and warm.


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