Daily Archives: November 28, 2010

Wheat Buns

Uffff, so cold today ! Minus 20 Celcius in the morning. Still is minus 15. We have a fire in the fireplace now every day but today felt as it was not enough.  I decided to make wheat buns. Now it is warm and cosy here. As soon as my dear husband is coming home we’ll have coffee.

There were times, long ago, when I used to make these almost weekly. Now a days when you can by them (deep frozen) in the supermarket I find it so much easier to do that. So when you want some buns just take them from the freezer. Brush some egg onto them and put some sugar for decoration. Six to eight minutes in the oven. Superfast 🙂 Today was fun kneading the dough etc. But weekly. No thank you. Took about 2,5 h !