Font Test

How stupid am I ! How come I can’t figure out how to use the free Typekit Fonts ?

30 minutes later:

Oh ! ! ! Now I see ! Or at least I think I understand 🙂 I finally have been able to change my font. Not in the way I wanted. I wanted to use the font, not in my entire blog just e.g. here in my test post. The font I chose is so similar to the one in use before so it took me a while to see the difference.

Well, I’ll just stick to this one for now.

Another 30 minutes later:

I fooled myself thinking I had been able to change my font ! The font looks a bit different depending on which browser I’m using. Fire Fox or Explorer. I give up ! The font is what it is. I have spent to much of time on this 😀

It’s also a language issue. My English is way too poor to understand all the technical details. Or it’s just not my English. I’m not that technically good even in my mother tongue Swedish or my second language Finnish.

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