Daily Archives: November 20, 2010

Bemböle Coffee House


This is such a lovely place for lunch or a cup of coffee. Situated along the old king’s road from Bergen Norway via Stockholm and Espoo to St. Petersburg in Russia. It was used already in the 17th century as an inn. Still today is a very popular place especially in the summer when you can sit outdoors. Also many tourist buses stop here for a coffe break.

Yesterday the Autohistoriallinen Seura (Historic Automobil Sociatety) were gathering there for Christmas Coffee and Leif was attending it.

I went there with Leif by car. I was hoping to be able to shoot some nice winter pictures. Then we, Canelo and I, would walk all the way home about eight kilometers.

Unfortunately it was getting dark very soon so I didn’t take many pictures. After just fieve or ten minutes we started walking home. My goodness it was cold. Only minus five degrees Celcius but the wind was biting. After one kilometer I gave up, told Canelo , let’s take the bus. Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long for the bus.

The main building, “The Coffe House”, looks very much like my home when I was a kid. The surroundings, the fences. No wonder I enjoy the place so much.