Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

At The Vet One More Time

Poor Quismo.  We had to make one more visit at the vet today. The visit at vet is OK but he hates the 30 minute in the car to the vet. He is protesting loudly all the time both ways. Back at home he is the happiest cat in the world.

Here is what he need right now:

–          Famvir                                 ½  pill twice/day/10days

–          Oftan Akvakol                   1 drop each eye 4 times/day/6 weeks

–          Lubrithal                              1 drop each eye 3 times/day

–          Lysin.hydrochlorid.          2 pills twice/day

The pills are easy ones.  I’m mashing them in a mortal and then mixing them with chicken or tuna for cats. He loves the mix. The problem is the drops. He is absolutely amazing in being able to know when it’s time for them and just vanish. Our house is not a very big one so you’d think it’s easy to find him. Still we have to look for him all over many, many times a day.

I’m so happy he’s got the insurance and we are able to get some of the expenses back.

Coconut cake

An other cake !

I made this coconut cake in order to use the melted butter I forgot to put in the brownies the other day. I actually very rarely bake so my husband was amazed to again get something homemade for the afternoon coffee. He suggested I’d bake more often. First time I made this. It tasted pretty good if I so may say myself .