Father’s Day

Hey, it’s Father’s Day again 🙂 Well, allways is second Sunday in November. I looked up about Father’s Day on Wikipedia. I have done it couple of times before as well and every time I wonder why we, five countries, up here in the North of Europe are celebrating the day at this time of the year as most countries in the world are celebrating the day in June.  Even if it’s nice celebrating the day by the candle light as the days in November usually are dark, gray, rainy, and cold I think June would be much nicer. Celebrating  Mother’s Day at the same time all over the globe and then the Father’s Day at the same time all over the globe would be great. Would have spared me, in the past, from embarrassing myself sending greetings to friends and relatives at the wrong time.

As my dear husband, dear father of our son left for his regular Sunday swim to the indoor swimming hall I decided to make some sort of brownies  for Father’s Day coffee. Have made them many times. The recipe says 150 gram of melted butter. I had already taken the cake from the oven when I saw the melted butter on the stove ! Ooops !

OK, the “cake” was eatable just a little bit dry.

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