Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

The Symptoms Are Back

Oh no ! Happy way too soon !  After our visit at the vet a week ago everything looked just fine. We were told there might be a relapse or relapses. After months of medication it was a relief to get rid of them. Just left with the Lubrithal gel to be dropped into his eyes three times a day. How could I ever have, in my wildest imagination, thought it would flare up in one week.  All the symptoms are back. I called the veterinary clinic yesterday for an appointment. So next Wednesday we will be back there. The vet sent the drugstore a prescription right the way so Quismo is back on the Lysine again for at least four more months.

The more I read about the disease on the net the more worried I become.  We have been lucky none of our other cats, during the years, have suffered from the feline herpes. As the virus is spread from cat to cat our other cat Quam sure has got it as well. I really, really hope the disease will stay latent and that he will never get any symptoms of feline herpes.

Visit at the vet in the beginning of September. The electricity is on just for the shoot.

The examiniation is made in the dark.