Daily Archives: November 6, 2010

Typekit Fonts

After upgrading my blog to WordPress I’m a bit disappointed to have to sign up for Typekit Fonts if I want to use any other font than Times New Roman. It says it’s for free but it all seems very complicated to me. Specially after reading several pages of the Typekit Fonts terms and conditions. I got the impression that free fonts might be charged for at some point so I didn’t want to sign up.

Well, maybe I’m all wrong here. Yeah probably that’s the case. Not understanding the text to it’s full intent as English is not my mother tongue.

So why write in English then ? One reason is many of our relatives don’t speak Swedish which is my mother tongue. I like to practise my English and also think this a good way of sharing some news with them and others as well.

I do wish WordPress had offered an easier way. Just a box on the same line you click bold, italic etc.

After all, Times New Roman is OK 🙂