Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

Feline Ocular Herpes

Having had cats for so many years, practically all my life, how come I didn’t know about the Feline Ocular Herpes.

In the beginning of the spring we noticed there was something strange with our Bengal cat Quismo’s other eye. At first it was tearing then he started to keep it closed. After visiting “our” veterinary he suspected feline ocular herpes. He recommended and eye specialist who confirmed his suspicions right. It turned out he had the disease in his both eyes.

Today we were at the specialist, once again, for a checkup. How wonderful to be told Quismo’s eyes are now fine.

It has been a time of about six months of medication, pills, drops and gel several times a day. Luckily there is such great medication available as the disease is a very serious one. The eye gel, Lubrithal, is one he will need, probably, for the rest of his life, three times a day.

We were told there still is the possibility of a relapse. We, of course, truly hope it will not happen. Now, once we know about the disease we will be able to act immediately.

Brother in law and Quismo in the beginning of the summer. Quismo eye closed.