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Spanish Conversation Group

Today was the last class in spanish conversation for this season. The class has taken place once a week for one and a half hour. Our teacher is from Chile. He is very nice.  In our group we are fifteen. Ten women and five guys. Some of us knowing each other from earlier spanish lessons. I think the age range is between thirty to eightytwo. Some in the group already are very good in spanish. They are able to make themselves well understood. I mostly listen. If I continue next season I hope I soon will be able to take part in the conversation.

Typekit Fonts

It really was bothering my mind not being able to figure out how to use the Typekit Fonts.  I’m too stubborn to give things up. My husband told me to forget the whole thing. Instead I decided to give it a last chance.  It turned out to be a matter of concentration. Had to read the instructions really slowly for it to sink in.  Finalemente 🙂 Yes, it was pretty easy. 

Car Heating Not Working

Today we had to go to a nearby town, about 64 km from here, in some errands. On the way there something happened to the car heating system. As the outdoor temperature was minus 19 Celcius the cabin got very cold very soon after we left from here. We had an appoinment time set so there really was no time to stop on the way there to fix the problem. Just had to hurry not to being late for the meeting.

We were talking about how hard it must have been driving winter time in the past when the cars had no heating system. Windows frosted, no heating system, no heated seats etc. This led us to talk about the times when there were not many cars at all. I told my husband that when I was a kid we had no car but a horse. I do remember how we once went to a birthday party in the middle of the winter. It must have been about as cold as today. Mom had me wrapped up in layers after layers of warm woollen clothing, sheepskins to sit on and in the lap. We had sheep at the time. Still it was cold. Brrrr. I am glad to remember the horse was able to stay indoors while we stayed there. Yup, those were the days, some 58 years ago 🙂 

So happy we were able to get the heating problem solved before heading back home. What a difference. Nice and warm.

Wheat Buns

Uffff, so cold today ! Minus 20 Celcius in the morning. Still is minus 15. We have a fire in the fireplace now every day but today felt as it was not enough.  I decided to make wheat buns. Now it is warm and cosy here. As soon as my dear husband is coming home we’ll have coffee.

There were times, long ago, when I used to make these almost weekly. Now a days when you can by them (deep frozen) in the supermarket I find it so much easier to do that. So when you want some buns just take them from the freezer. Brush some egg onto them and put some sugar for decoration. Six to eight minutes in the oven. Superfast 🙂 Today was fun kneading the dough etc. But weekly. No thank you. Took about 2,5 h !

Font Test

How stupid am I ! How come I can’t figure out how to use the free Typekit Fonts ?

30 minutes later:

Oh ! ! ! Now I see ! Or at least I think I understand 🙂 I finally have been able to change my font. Not in the way I wanted. I wanted to use the font, not in my entire blog just e.g. here in my test post. The font I chose is so similar to the one in use before so it took me a while to see the difference.

Well, I’ll just stick to this one for now.

Another 30 minutes later:

I fooled myself thinking I had been able to change my font ! The font looks a bit different depending on which browser I’m using. Fire Fox or Explorer. I give up ! The font is what it is. I have spent to much of time on this 😀

It’s also a language issue. My English is way too poor to understand all the technical details. Or it’s just not my English. I’m not that technically good even in my mother tongue Swedish or my second language Finnish.

Bemböle Coffee House


This is such a lovely place for lunch or a cup of coffee. Situated along the old king’s road from Bergen Norway via Stockholm and Espoo to St. Petersburg in Russia. It was used already in the 17th century as an inn. Still today is a very popular place especially in the summer when you can sit outdoors. Also many tourist buses stop here for a coffe break.

Yesterday the Autohistoriallinen Seura (Historic Automobil Sociatety) were gathering there for Christmas Coffee and Leif was attending it.

I went there with Leif by car. I was hoping to be able to shoot some nice winter pictures. Then we, Canelo and I, would walk all the way home about eight kilometers.

Unfortunately it was getting dark very soon so I didn’t take many pictures. After just fieve or ten minutes we started walking home. My goodness it was cold. Only minus five degrees Celcius but the wind was biting. After one kilometer I gave up, told Canelo , let’s take the bus. Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long for the bus.

The main building, “The Coffe House”, looks very much like my home when I was a kid. The surroundings, the fences. No wonder I enjoy the place so much.


We have had some inches of snow a couple of times already in the beginning of this month but today it has been snowing since early in the morning. So glad we are staying at home today as the Meteorological Institute is warning for very bad road conditions in the south of Finland. I didn’t even step out to shoot the picture just opened the front door 🙂

At The Vet One More Time

Poor Quismo.  We had to make one more visit at the vet today. The visit at vet is OK but he hates the 30 minute in the car to the vet. He is protesting loudly all the time both ways. Back at home he is the happiest cat in the world.

Here is what he need right now:

–          Famvir                                 ½  pill twice/day/10days

–          Oftan Akvakol                   1 drop each eye 4 times/day/6 weeks

–          Lubrithal                              1 drop each eye 3 times/day

–          Lysin.hydrochlorid.          2 pills twice/day

The pills are easy ones.  I’m mashing them in a mortal and then mixing them with chicken or tuna for cats. He loves the mix. The problem is the drops. He is absolutely amazing in being able to know when it’s time for them and just vanish. Our house is not a very big one so you’d think it’s easy to find him. Still we have to look for him all over many, many times a day.

I’m so happy he’s got the insurance and we are able to get some of the expenses back.

Coconut cake

An other cake !

I made this coconut cake in order to use the melted butter I forgot to put in the brownies the other day. I actually very rarely bake so my husband was amazed to again get something homemade for the afternoon coffee. He suggested I’d bake more often. First time I made this. It tasted pretty good if I so may say myself .

Father’s Day

Hey, it’s Father’s Day again 🙂 Well, allways is second Sunday in November. I looked up about Father’s Day on Wikipedia. I have done it couple of times before as well and every time I wonder why we, five countries, up here in the North of Europe are celebrating the day at this time of the year as most countries in the world are celebrating the day in June.  Even if it’s nice celebrating the day by the candle light as the days in November usually are dark, gray, rainy, and cold I think June would be much nicer. Celebrating  Mother’s Day at the same time all over the globe and then the Father’s Day at the same time all over the globe would be great. Would have spared me, in the past, from embarrassing myself sending greetings to friends and relatives at the wrong time.

As my dear husband, dear father of our son left for his regular Sunday swim to the indoor swimming hall I decided to make some sort of brownies  for Father’s Day coffee. Have made them many times. The recipe says 150 gram of melted butter. I had already taken the cake from the oven when I saw the melted butter on the stove ! Ooops !

OK, the “cake” was eatable just a little bit dry.