Monthly Archives: October 2010

Red Nose Day / Nenäpäivä

On Sat November 5 is the final of this year’s money raising on TV. I bought a red nose. It’s just a small amount per nose but I’m looking forward to hear the result for how much all the red noses sold have raised. Hopefully a lot.

Of course I shot a picture of myself wearing the red nose. My husband says I look like a clown. Well, he is right 🙂 A friend on FB asked where’s the circus when he saw my picture.

Upgraded yesterday

After a long time, almost six months, I checked “My Little Space” yesterday. Was recommended to upgrade it to WordPress. If not immediately but would have to do it anyway by the end of March 2011. Right now I feel a little lost here.  I will have to figure all this out as soon as possible.