Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Some Updates ~ mid. February to mid. April

Well, well, well . . . have, once again, been thinking of giving up this little place of mine. When I’m about to delete it I think maybe I regret it later. I’m kind of used to this small place here 🙂 I know, nothing very special, nothing important etc but still . . .

Two months since last time ! So, where to begin ! I think the best way to remember what we have been up to is to check my photos.


On one of the first really warm and sunny days i the beginning of March when on a walk with Canelo we saw this lovely cat enjoying the sun. Well, of course I just could not walk by without shooting a picture of him. Very cute one 🙂


An other happy one enjoying the spring sun we all been awaiting for.


As is this little squirrel 🙂


I bought these tulips on March 14. They really brightened my spirit for days.


My very first orchid in a pot. Our very lovely neighbors gave us this one. Have been reading on the net about how to take good care of it. I hope I will succeed 🙂

On March 18th my brother in law, who is living in Manila, arrived. Last time he was here is 4,5 years ago. It is nice having him here again for some time. Both my husband and he really have had a great time. Both very, very talkative. Doing their blablablablaa from the minute they wake up in the morning about 7 am till about 10 pm. He left for Stockholm where he will stay for some days and then he will still come back and stay here for a while.


On March 20 we all were having coffee when we there was a big bang, then the windows rattled and still a bump that felt like a earthquake. We all, brother in law, son, neighbor’s son, my husband and I, we all ran out doors to check what it all was about.


Yeah we knew it was the snow coming down from the roof but oh my goodness we had no idea how much there was !


Our mobile home was almost buried in the snow. Took us some time shoveling all this away. Luckily a friend of us, who owns a truck, came to help is get rid of all the snow.


A picture two days later from the other side of the house. Geeeez, we were very worried would there be more damages when all this would come down. Fortunately it did not . . . just all melted little by little and is gone by now.


Great evening, great food when out with “the girls” on March 22nd. This time were were at Mt Everest a Nepalese restaurant in Helsinki.


Our Easter dinner ! Very simple ! But brother in law liked all of it. Also the “mämmi” we had for dessert.

Easter Monday, March 5, we were visiting our wonderful friends at their summer place. As always everything was perfect. Well, almost everything. I don’t know was wrong with me or my camera: Not one picture was sharp enough. I’d love to blame it on the camera but have to admit it probably was me not concentrating !

As we have now sold our mobile home we are looking for a “new one”. Uffff the ones we’d love to have all are sooo expensive !

Take care everyone and happy springtime if you live on this side of the globe 🙂