August 2009

Some updates for August.

It was nice having our neighbor’s son for a sleepover on August 6. There is a place, not far away from us, where people are training motocross. Also on the way there is a field for radio controlled airplanes. As he had never been to neither place we took him there. He really enjoyed the evening and so did we.

On August 12 we had the great honor and pleasure to again be invited to our friends for the annual crayfish party. Such a fantastic evening . . . sauna bath, swimming in the lake, delicious crayfish.

Million thanks dear friends : )

On August 22.-23.2009 the Motocross MX3 World Championship took place in Vantaa. We had planned to go there both days but were there only on Sun 23. It was a great event.

Mon 31, last day of August, was a nice wind for surfers. First time I happened to see a kite surfer. Looked sooo nice.

Well that’s all 🙂

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